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Delhi to Dehradun - 242.2 km

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About Delhi –

Delhi, which serve as the seat for Government of India can be considered as a synonym for power. History has witnessed many rulers operating across the nation from Delhi. The perfect blend of two different worlds; Old Delhi & New Delhi makes what Delhi is today. Where New Delhi unfolds new opportunities and latest avenues like its modern architecture, Old Delhi is known around the world for conserve and safe-guarding the history in terms of mosques, narrow lanes and mouth-watering street food. The connectivity of Delhi with neighboring and nearby cities is so good that people prefer to roam around by cars/ taxis.

Delhi to Dehradun –

Home to some of the finest schools and institutions of India, Dehradun is well known hill station in Uttarakhand. The town is famous for its Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple wherein the water droplets originating from a rock falls continuously on the Shivling. Apart from this, Robber’s Cave, Shastradhara, Tiger Falls, Jwala Ji and many more destinations attracts thousands of tourists every year. Limited bus services and trains in this region makes cars and cabs the most preferred mode of travelling to this place. Book your cab with Bestwaycabs and enjoy your journey to the beautiful mountains and amazing waterfalls.

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