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Delhi to Haridwar – 220.9 km

Whether you have a ritual to perform, or experience the deep beliefs of Hindu religion and its culture, there is no better place than Haridwar. Book online with Bestwaycabs cab services and enjoy the journey to this ancient and sacred city of India.

About Delhi –

A dream city of millions to kick start a career to the home of many business owners, Delhi is known for its culturally and socially diverse population. The cultural diversity can be well experienced in its heritage, unfolding the modern architecture of British Empire to the seat of power, the Delhi Red Fort of Shah Jahan, Mughal Sultanate. Delhi offers a rich historic feast to the tourists who visit this city every year to experience the beauty of India.

Delhi to Haridwar –

One of the sacred cities of India, Haridwar is a place where thousands of people visit for pilgrimage and take a holy dip in the Ganges. It is the place where Ganges enters the plains of India. The city attracts many foreigners every year with its charming beauty of lush green mountains and crystal clear water of river Ganga, strong cultural beliefs, and divine holiness. This place is said to be blessed by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Maheshwar and is thus considered as the Gateway to Gods. Visiting this city via roads is the best option. The cab service of Best Way Cabs is known to provide a one-way travel as well on this route and from Haridwar to Delhi as well. Book your cab with Bestwaycabs and enjoy a ride to the Gateway to Gods.